Friday, August 22, 2008

Trip to Colorado [part 3/3]

Garden of the Gods

This location was close to the downtown of the Colorado Springs about 30km. Garden of the Gods was belonging to the Native American so called Red Indians. The reds rocky mountain was very nice creature that I never seen before. The changing of the weather, rains, hot of the sun as well as the erosion was created the line of these red mountains. It is open to the public, FREE of charge. Visitors can take a walk, riding the horse to see all these beutiful yellow stones.

At that day, the weather was pretty hot! I am sweating little bit and need a drink a lot. What the interesting points is they have different shape for each mountains. I think I should not call it as a mountain. May be the best is the hills. There was so called ‘camel kiss, grey hill and etc. We can have horseback riding but the best is we should in group. So I walk a lot and do some hiking on this hill. After already tired, I went back to Denver at 430pm. Uh, it is really tired but I am happy. Then I reached at 6.30pm at the hotel and get to the registration for the conference.

Precision Agricultural Conference

What the coincident? I met Dr Siva, lecturer at the same department with me at UPM and Prof Wan Ishak, my former lecturer at KBP, UPM. We talk a lot about Malaysia as well as UPM also the latest research. At least I have someone to talk in Bahasa! Then on the next day I just follow the conference, attended the selected seminar, try to get the experience and met a people with the same field. I met a lot of international friends, from Africa, India, China, Korean as well as American. So this conference gave me the precious exposure and initial impetus to get the idea for my future project as well as the get the networking with my friends. I am also met Melissa advisor from University of Texas Tech. We talk about his background and specialized and he is kinda very very nice person, very polite and friendly. (Melissa is my office mate at UPM, she already at Texas)

Before I went back to Lincoln, I met Prof Wiwi and his wife; Kak Nomie, gave me 4 packs of instant cooking dishes from Malaysia. One of them is masak asam. Until now I didn’t touch this masak asam because need to find the fresh fish to cook it! Well, I can learn how to cook it! Yum yum yum.... Now, it is time to go home. He and his wife say good bye for me while waiting for the tour bus and makes the best wishes and good luck for my master and Dr. Siva does so. Thank you for your moral support.


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