Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How to format your PC/Laptop

Before format, save all your important file in backup hardisk such as external drive or in current partition d hard drive

1. Switch on PC, quickly press f2
2. Go to setup page, and choose boot PC
3. Press "Esc" . And  click save setup
4. Insert window XP/Vista/7 CD and reboot the PC
5. The system will boot from the CD
6. Just leave the system, until it ask which partition to format
7. Choose  drive ‘c’.
8. Choose “quick NTFS system” for formating
9. Let the system reboot itsef
10. Don’t press anything, let the system format itself
11. When the system ask for key. Insert key number of window XP/Vista/7, usually include with the CD
12. After format, install all your PC driver. 

Rule of thumb.
- download all the hardware program from the internet when its necessary. Especially for the wireless. Without wireless, you cannot access the internet as well as the hardware program. 

All the best

CREDIT: Mr. Abd Hafiz Abd Majid