Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fall In love!

Texas Texas Texas

Had a little cough and fever! What a bad day for me in Texas last week. That’s probably the most challenging for me. Really serious cough! And I am just stay in the hotel room for the whole morning without any medicine until late afternoon and I had a couple spoons of cough relief; kinda syrup! My head was headache enough, spinning little bit but and also headache with the new geophysics term and all new stuff shown in the conference as well as in exhibitions. New tech and very very new for me…. Aaarrrgggh… You are such a lucky student dude! Its TRUE when I got a lot of comments from the others about the improvement ideas for my MSc project and the most important is I am going to dwell deeper for my project.

Hell’s half acre!

I went out on the third day of the conferece after I do not understand what they talking about. Its out of my field, actually! Good reason huh! huhu Fort Worth is the classic cowboy’s town in Texas and it’s not far away from Dallas, about 45 minutes driving. Nevertheless, time and health condition were limited me to go to Dallas.

Talking about the history, in 1876, Fort Worth use to be famous place for the hundreds of cowboys, buffalo hunters, and railroad workers, freighters eager to wash off the trail dust and enjoy the environment. The illegal activities here were tolerated by city officials because of their importance to the town’s economy. (What the freaking statement here hahaha) For certain extend, this town become famous and growth the famous reputation as a rowdy frontier town! Its how this town known as Hell’s half acre, indeed, in 1906, the news paper headlines calls this town as Den of Sin; had a lot of criminal issues and periodic to clean up this town with the army. Don’t mess with Texas is the famous verb for the people here! Their culture almost same likes the old American and the people here are very polite. Almost all the building here shows the old Latin characteristics and its create beutiful view of the town.

Converted Muslims in the USA.Texas

Why Texas? huhu just fever about Texas... still! To be honest... I fall in love with Texas hahahah
Here I found interesting video clips in utube. Enjoy watching....