Saturday, June 21, 2008


This is the first virtual blog that I have. I was intended to create a blog as well as become as Blogger, propose by Pn Natrah (biasa lebih mesra panggil Kak Natrah). Thanks Kak Natrah!. At first time I am not too interested but after a few months when I was here, in Nebraska, USA, I feel like I need to post something to share to my colleagues even for my parents. (If they know!). Is it look like a personal diary? Erm… Does a man have a diary too? I don’t have answer my question…. But, using the blog will create enthusiastic feeling of the words combinations… Sometimes, all the night thinking the right words to be used. The word we used shows our attitude, knowledge, perspective and thinking or idea, perhaps.

a.suhaizi-5.20pm, NE, USA

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