Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lab with a hot dog

Apparently, I’m one of the Lab assistant for the Sophomore BSE student for Physic Class and my job mainly helping these students conducts the lab experiments. In this class, various tests for the basic physics in engineering field were conducted and tested, then the student shows good interest on this subject (have to wait until the final evaluation form though).

One of the most interesting Lab is cooking a hot dog using electrical current. This is one part of the answers from one of my student….

Lab Objective:
Data analysis for electrical power & electric circuit resistance (One of the experiments was using the electrical resistance to cook a HOT DOG using electrical power)

Question: Hot dog flavor observations?
Student Answer: Good, Nice expensive beef flavor. Hope it didn’t have a dude fingers in it!! Electrical power heated the hot dog…………

Teachers’ comment: It’s pure SuperSaver HOT DOG! No finger in it, except fingers print!

Student Conclusion for this lab:
We enjoy watching how electrical power can cook a hot dog without using microwave. We also enjoy eating them! Electrical load........bla bla bla….
Teachers’ comment: It’s for additional meal for your breakfast!

Overall mark! 19/20. GOOD!

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